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lyon France

Lyon France

The third largest city in France, Lyon is also the capital of the Rhone-Alps region and the Rhone department of France. It is located at a distance of 292 miles to Paris, 199 miles to Marseille and 99 miles to Geneva. Due to its proximity to...
hotels in paris

Hotels in Paris

It’s often good to find your hotels in France right at the time when you lay the tour plan. One that you can plan your budget and the second, you can find places of stay close-by the visiting places to save much of your time in traveling....

France Guide

A handy guide is necessary while traveling to France. Carrying maps of places you are planning to visit makes the whole travel interesting. Here is a quick guide to France. It is not possible to cover a lot in a page; hence this gives you a...
trains in france

Trains in France

Even if you own a car in France, traveling by train to tourist places is most recommended. Compared to flights, trains are largely used for traveling within the country and to other countries in Europe as well. The railway network is huge and...
information on france

Information on France

Culture, Living and Moving to France The French culture stands unique among the world cultures mainly shaped by historical and political events. The French people believe in a slow paced lifestyle. They take ample breaks for food at the work...

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