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Formule 1 Toulouse

A rich city in Southwestern France, Toulouse is situated in the Midi-Pyrenees region of France. The last twenty years, the city has seen enormous technological growth, becoming the centre of aviation and spaceflight today. The space city is an important attraction in the city. It houses science theme parks featuring models of spacecrafts and satellites. It is a delightful place for children as they can avail a lot of science games and learning from the centre. Formule 1 hotels are the best budget hotels in France for visitors moving to France. 250 hotels are included in this huge network of F1 hotels in France.
F1 chain of hotels, most often announce attractive deals and offers for online booking. The ongoing offer is 2 Euros off on weekdays and 5 Euros off on weekends. Note that not all hotels provide the offer at a given time. F1 hotels have two standard rooms – the Duo and the Trio rooms. The duo rooms have two single beds, ideal for a weekend off with friends or business trip. The trio room can accommodate 3 people, good for couples and families. All the rooms are provided with the below-listed facilities:
• Flat screen television with an array of channels
• Unlimited Wi-Fi access
• A quick wash corner
• A multi-media plug point to connect your DVD player to television
• Huge storage space
• A handy, portable table
• Coat racks and hangers
F1 hotels in Toulouse
Hotel F1 Toulouse Université starts at 33 Euros per night. The near-by access points are from Bordeaux, Limoges and Blagnac airport. A few places at a walk-able distance are Place du Capitole at a distance of 6 km and Hippodrome within a km.
Hotel F1 Toulouse l’Union charges 32 Euros for a night. Cité de l’Espace is just 6 km away and Zone de Loisirs de Sesquières, 4 km away.
Hotel F1 Toulouse aéroport is easily accessible from the Blagnac airport. Zenith opera and Aero Constellation are a few of the places near-by. It is priced from 24 Euros per night.
Hotel F1 Toulouse Ramonville starts its price from as low as 27 Euros. Sur la Plague is a beach area near-by, to relish in the evenings. The space city is just 5 km away from the hotel.
Hotel F1 Toulouse Muret also starts from 27 Euros. An amusement park called Parc Aquatique Aqualudia is 3 km from the hotel. It is a nice place to go with children. Also Route d’ Andorre is at a distance of 3 km from the hotel.

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