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France Guide

A handy guide is necessary while traveling to France. Carrying maps of places you are planning to visit makes the whole travel interesting. Here is a quick guide to France. It is not possible to cover a lot in a page; hence this gives you a few important reminders for your travel. Also, search online for possible discount coupons, vouchers and offers available for entry tickets and tour packages before you plan.

The country’s calling code is 33

Keep this stored in your phone. You do not have to remember every time you call hotels in France. People who move to a new country often forget to include the calling codes while sending across their new numbers. If you are moving to France, remember this point.

Camping in France

Around 11,000 campsites are spread across the country. Caravans and chalets can be rented at campsites. July and August are the peak seasons for camping. The long-distance hiking routes are marked with red and white lines, called GR. Circular GR trails are marked in red and yellow and indicate the same start and end points. A single yellow line is called PR which points out shorter paths. Their offices are generally open till 10 in the mornings and after 4 in the evenings.

Festivals and Events in France

Foire Saint-Germainat Ile-de-France, near Paris in the months of May to JulyMany important annual festival and events are planned in major cities in France every year. Knowing the events before-hand can help you plan your travel more effectively. These are a few that you should not miss out in France.

  • The Cannes international film festival  at Cannes in the month of May
  • Tour de France in the month of July
  • Lyon’s light festival at Lyon during Christmas season

France train guide

You should be able to get all information on train schedule and also able to book tickets online from the website of Rail Europe.

The French cuisines

Common bread types in France are Baguette, Flute and Ficelle. Steak fries, Duchess Potatoes, rooster in red wine are popular dishes. Cream puffs, Éclair, Madeleine are a few of the most favorite desserts of the French.

The French wines

Who doesn’t know this brand Champagne? It has enlivened parties around the globe and will continue to do so. Originating from France, Champagne and Bordeaux wines are popular worldwide. Also, the production of dairy, apple, beef, poultry and corn make the country’s agriculture rich. You should try French cheese and wines at France definitely.

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