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Moving to Paris

Know about this dazzling city before you plan to move to Paris. It is often a wonderful city to both tourists and many expats. Not only to Paris but moving to France, in general requires one to gain a basic knowledge of French. Life in France can make much difference with the knowing or not-knowing of their language. Here is a little essential information on the city of Paris that you must know before you leave your place for Paris.

Climate in Paris

The city has a temperate climate, moderate summers and moderate winters. Winters are cold but not freezing cold, it doesn’t get below 5°C in the coldest month of January. Summers are pleasant when the average temperature is seen to be 20°C in the hottest month of July.

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moving to paris

Finding a house in Paris

If you are moving to Paris through your employer, you might be provided accommodation in one of the hotels in France in Paris for a few weeks. So you will not have much time to search for a house leisurely. This is not an easy task to be done overnight. A good amount of preparation need to go in searching for an area that is affordable for you, at the same time, should be well-connected with the main city and your place of work through public transport, if you do not own a car. You can search according to the arrondissements. The numbering of the arrondissements start from nearest to the city and the number increases as we move further away from the main city. Many landlords are particular in taking the documents from their prospective tenants before finalizing the house. The documents, most often, require one to show earnings three times more than the rent that they would be paying for the house. An advance amount of one month rent as a deposit for the house needs to be paid. Apart from the deposit, the rent for the first two months should be paid initially. So before you start looking out for a place to stay, make sure you have enough money to manage for these amounts.

Buying property in Paris

Most families who retire to Paris find it ideal to buy their own property in Paris. This may take some time but it is worth to spend enough time initially rather than to get caught in the hands of the local agencies in a hurry. Keep in mind that most of the old buildings will require huge renovations which will add to your purchase amount as well.


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