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Paris France

Paris! Paris! Paris! Situated in Northern France and sheltering River Seine, it’s one of the most visited tourist places in the world. Fashion, shopping, food, arts, churches – let your interest be anything. Paris has something to offer for everybody with its rich history and development in the last few centuries. Well, the internet world overflows with common information on Paris already. Hence here’s a little useful and seldom-discussed information for tourists and for people who are moving to France.
Tell me one in the world who would not want to visit the most romantic city in the world. However, there could be many tourists who are daunted by this expensive city because of a dearth of finances. Do you wonder if it’s possible to roam around the important places in Paris without spending anything from your wallet? Would you jump in joy if the answer is yes? True that there are a few places that doesn’t require money from the visitors.
The Notre Dame Cathedral offers a free entrance, charging only for the climbing to the towers. The rest of the huge hall of display of the splendid art pieces is open for no cost at all. The Fragonard Perfume Museum also gives a free guided tour. Entry is free on all first Sundays of the month to the Louvre museum. The Friday Paris Galleries at Lafayette are free as well. It begins at 3 in the evenings on Fridays. Of course, the River Seine and the Eiffel Tower can offer a fee view from many of the hotels in France at Paris. A long walk along the River can afford you a relaxed time and cool breeze with your family and friends without the necessity of paying anything.
Know about the Paris Pass
The Paris pass is a tourist package that includes:
 Paris Museum Pass which allows free entry to more than 55 museums in Paris.
 Paris Attractions Pass for entry into 7 Paris attractions other than the museums.
 Paris Visite Pass through which one can avail unlimited metro, bus and RER travels.
 Paris Bus Tour and
 120 page Guide Book.
It can certainly save much of your Euros and time. A 4-day adult Paris pass costs €153. The pass is valid for 12 months. The 4-day pass can be used on ay 4 consecutive days of the year. So it is possible to buy this pass in advance. Also, the pass helps you to avoid the long queues at the entrance for buying tickets.
The next time when you consider Paris as your destination, keep in mind that it’s not an exclusive place for the rich alone!

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