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Marseille France

Marseille France the oldest city The second largest city in France, Marseille spells ‘ancient’ all around. Imagine a city which has been tuned by the Ligurian, Phoenician, Greek and Roman cultures! Marseille, rich in its arts and history,...
places to visit in paris

Places to visit in Paris

The city of lights does not have less to offer you. It could be head-spinning even while you plan your Paris tour to realize that at an every 10 feet distance, there is something of historical importance or a notable tourist attraction. So you...
french currency

France Currency

Euro became France currency in the year 2002. Up until then, the French Franc was in use for several years. The smaller denominations of Euro come in coins of cents. The smallest denomination of paper Euro is 5 and 500 is the highest while cents...
airports in france

Airports in France

Being one of the busiest countries in the world, France houses around 200 airports in the country for civilians’ use while the country’s military exclusively uses 200 more airports. The Charles de Gaulle, referred by the code CDG airport...
moving to paris

Moving to Paris

Know about this dazzling city before you plan to move to Paris. It is often a wonderful city to both tourists and many expats. Not only to Paris but moving to France, in general requires one to gain a basic knowledge of French. Life in France...

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