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french currency

France Currency

Euro became France currency in the year 2002. Up until then, the French Franc was in use for several years. The smaller denominations of Euro come in coins of cents. The smallest denomination of paper Euro is 5 and 500 is the highest while cents...
hotels in marsille

Hotels in Marseille

Hotels in Marseille are comparatively cheaper when compared to hotels in France, that is, in Paris, in particular. The prices are almost half of what you would pay in Paris for the same comfort and luxury. Check a few hotels which are convenient...
lille france

Lille France – Information

Lille France is located in the Nord-Pas de Calais region of France, sharing its border with one of the country’s neighbor Belgium. It is the fifth largest metropolitan area on the Deûle River. The first automatic metro line in the world was...
hotels in paris

Hotels in Paris

It’s often good to find your hotels in France right at the time when you lay the tour plan. One that you can plan your budget and the second, you can find places of stay close-by the visiting places to save much of your time in traveling....
moving to France

Moving to France

Moving from one place to another, especially moving to France it’s a huge task. There is a lot that needs to go in planning several days before we move. Not all those who move to France would know enough about the country. We try to learn...

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