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Weather In France

France, one of the most visited countries in the world, will leave any traveler spell-bound with its aesthetic art and architecture. It will be helpful to do a little research about this heavenly place before you plan your travel. No wonder the first thing you will look out for would be your places of interests. However, if you have decided France to be your destination, it is wise to consider ‘when to visit’ along with ‘where to visit’. Unlike most places where you can expect fairly the same weather within the country, France accommodates various weather conditions through its different regions. If you have thought-out doing a snow sport in France, make sure you travel at the right season to the right part of the country. Here is a little weather information on France that is good to know before you pack your bags.

Weather in France – Regional weather patterns

In general, June to early September sees hot summers while December to end of March is the official winter, the intensity being highly variable depending upon the region. The northern and north-western part of France (Lille-Paris-Rennes) has relatively mild winters and warm summers but a little down on the western coast, summers get steamy. In south-western France (Aquitaine), summer extends beyond September though the heat remains milder than that at the north. The north-eastern border (Alsace) of the country experiences drastic winters with heavy snowfall. The high mountainous regions (Rhone-Alps-Pyrenees) enjoy pleasant summers and are snow-clad during winters. Especially, if you are moving to France, you might want to consider the weather patterns in your location.

7 Days weather forecast – CALAIS

7 Days weather forecast – PARIS

7 Days weather forecast – DIJON

7 Days weather forecast – NICE

7 Days weather forecast – BORDEAUX

7 Days weather forecast – PERPIGNAN

Weather in popular tourist destinations

The favorite of all times, Paris is most-visited during spring time that is, March to May. Pyrenees and Alps have snow-filled winters – ideal for skiing and sleigh rides. Marseille is the hottest city in the country with an average temperate of 82*F, making spring most preferable. Also, the coastal Nice is too hot in summers; hence spring and autumn are preferred. The eventful Cannes gets visitors throughout the year, though summers beat the most votes.  Lille, the northernmost city, enjoys a pleasant climate attracting visitors in all seasons. The tech city, Toulouse is best-visited in spring. Lyon experiences extremes of climates - burning summers and harsh winters leaving spring an ideal season.

It is also a good idea to check the weather forecast services. Whatever it is that you want to do – roam around the streets in France or ice skate on the mountains or get drenched in the French rains – plan before in hand to choose the best season. Along with the flights, trains and hotels in France let the Sun and the clouds deserve your attention, as well.

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